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Polyurethan is a synthetic material with one of the most versatile characteristics used in all technical applications in the automobile industry. Typically PU is used in the interior of automobiles like seats, head rests, steering wheels and the ceiling. Pass combines the technical characteristics like low-temperature insulation, heat resistance and sound insulation with production of components in the engine compartment with additional technical features. Therefor we can offer our customers technical advantages  and competitive prices.

One of our core competencies is foam coverings made with polyurethane for chemical leading tubes in the engine compartment. Polyamide tubes, rubber hoses and steel pipes are coated with PUR. PUR is used for heat- and low-temperature insulation and prevents condensed water from freezing in the crank case air vent pipes. Our customers benefit financially from this new development because expensive heater elements do not need to be purchased and inserted.

Further application areas for our foam parts are the insulation of the steering link connection through the front of the cars with “hybrid components” made of thermoplastic materials and polyurethane. Pass backs foam films with polyurethane. Our foam components are resistant to pressure deformation, are flexible and are ideal for sound insulation and permanently achieve a high production standard. Our customers benefit from these technical characteristics because they prevent water and engine noise infiltrating into the passenger compartment.